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Scholarships & Financial Aid



There are many scholarships available that are specially designated for education abroad programs. Some are based purely on merit, while others consider merit but are based on financial need. Scholarship application deadlines are strictly adhered to and are similar to those of education abroad application deadlines, which are usually around the middle part of the semester before the program begins and specifically October 1st and March 1st for Binghamton based scholarships. Applicants need not be admitted to programs in order to apply for scholarships, but receipt of scholarships is conditional upon acceptance into the education abroad program.

Applications should be prepared with attentiveness to the eligibility requirements and criteria for selection. Your best writing and best presentation are essential for a chance of a successful application. Some scholarships require letters of recommendation. Plan ahead and allow your references ample time to write on your behalf. 

We are dedicated to assisting you in your pursuit of education abroad funding and highly encourage you to request an appointment with our scholarship advisor to discuss your national and external scholarship applications. To request an appointment or ask any questions regarding education abroad scholarships, please send an email to

Binghamton Based Scholarships   Department Scholarships   National and External Scholarships 


Financial Aid:

Federal and New York state financial aid may be applied to the costs of Binghamton and other SUNY education abroad programs, if eligible. Visit the Financial Aid pages below for more information about how to finance your education abroad, and the steps to take as well as for general financial aid information, including Office hours. 

Financial Aid is not applicable to all non-SUNY programs; email with your program information so IEGI staff can review your program eligibility if you’re considering a non-SUNY program and need financial aid.


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