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Global Studies Minor

Global Studies Minor

If you are studying abroad, you should consider become a Global Studies Minor! Check out the information on this minor as soon as possible, as you must declare it before studying abroad.  The Global Studies Minor (GSM) is multi-disciplinary program where you can investigate your cross-cultural experiences and help you better understand international, regional, and global issues. The GSM is open to all undergraduate students who want to increase their intercultural competencies and add a global dimension to their program of study.

Who wouldn't want to be a Global Studies Minor in today's world? It will help you make the most of your education abroad experience, and you can boast it on your resume - it will be a great help for ANY career you plan to pursue!

The Building Blocks of the GSM are:


a. A cross-cultural immersion experience (a study abroad experience, or if you're an international student at BU, your time on campus can qualify for this portion of the Minor)
b. Language Study and Use
c. Coursework from Binghamton University's internationalized curriculum

Students may use the GSM to help steer their choice of electives; to provide a global studies foundation within their major; or to expand their future options on the basis of acquired international knowledge, intercultural proficiency, and global awareness.

Specifically, GSM courses foster a self-critical perspective on the education abroad/intercultural experience; promote students' reflective-analysis so they may better understand their own cultural values and behaviors, and the various ways these may be interpreted by members of other cultures; connect students intercultural experiences abroad to their academic area of expertise; and encourage investigation into the ways scholarship has been used to achieve understandings of international, regional and global issues.

Our courses produce outstanding discussions and research that help students understand their cross-cultural immersion experiences as fertile ground for creative thinking. Students examine the intercultural dimensions of their major, and sharpen their unique international perspective.

Because the Global Studies minor builds upon the University's existing "Global Interdependencies" and language requirements, students need only 24 credits beyond the General Education requirements. Some or most of these credits may also count toward other General Education requirements or for a given student's major(s) and other minor(s).

Go to the Global Studies webpage for more information, and make an appointment with William Pavlovich or James Hundley at your earliest ability by emailing