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Students of Diverse Races/Ethnicities


Students who identify as a racial or ethnic minority in the United States may have questions about what their experience will be like on study abroad.

Some students choose an education abroad location where they may no longer appear to be a minority at all, or others may be interested in studying in a country where they are not sure how people will react to their race/ethnicity. Regardless, grappling with your identity abroad can be challenging. Often times, but not always, students of minority races/ethnicities find that they are perceived of first and foremost as an American (and all of the stereotypes attached to that) while on study abroad, and secondarily as a member of your race/ethnicity

Diversity Abroad and Carnegie Mellon offer helpful resources regarding education abroad as a racial or ethnic minority student abroad. We especially recommend that students consult the Must Ask Questions List and Tips for Minority Students via the Diversity Abroad Website.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with us about this topic, please contact us at 607-777-2336 to schedule an appointment.