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Students Currently Abroad

Participants can use the learning content in your online program application account to help answer questions that they might have while abroad. You can also contact our office at if you have any questions that are not answered with the information in this packet. 

Communicating with Home

Registering for Classes

While you are abroad attending a Binghamton or SUNY program, you’ll be registered for 12 placeholder education-abroad credits. Add these to your prior semester credit total to determine when you can register. Unfortunately, even if you are taking more than 12 credits while abroad, you will still have to register as if you were taking only 12 credits. If you are on a non-SUNY program, you will have to register based on the prior semester’s credit total. To register for classes from abroad, visit the BU Brain. If you have questions about how to register online via the BU Brain, visit the Student Records Office's website.

Health and Safety

Consult our health and safety webpage for information about your health while abroad, using health insurance abroad, and staying safe.

On-Campus Housing When You Return

Students on Binghamton and SUNY programs will receive a reminder e-mail notification in February and October about how to secure housing for the following semester.  There are two ways in which you can reserve housing:

  • If you know a current resident who will have a vacancy in their room, suite, or apartment for the following semester, that student can request you as their future room, suite, or apartment mate during the Housing Reassignment process in March/November.  Your $200 housing deposit must be paid before the student can complete this paperwork.
  • If a current resident does not request you as their room, suite, or apartment mate, the Office of Residential Life will assign you. First, pay your $200 housing deposit. If paid, you will then receive an e-mail in March/November telling you when you can log onto the Residential Life website and submit your housing preferences on-line. Once the Housing Reassignment process is complete for current residents, you will be assigned to a room.

Students on non-SUNY programs are effectively on “leave of absence”.  Non-SUNY students normally are not eligible for on-campus housing.  Students may contact Residential Life to request to be place on a waiting list for on-campus housing.

Off-Campus Housing When Your Return

Off-Campus College (OCC) can assist you in locating housing off campus for your return.  Please visit the OCC website to view the housing list which is frequently updated.  OCC also maintains a sublet/roommate list, which is very useful in finding a place for one semester during the academic year.